Monday, 2 November 2009

My First 3D typography bullshit

Made this today in my 3D studio max class, We were learning about modelling using "lofting" and made fish, but I wanted to try some motion typography,

This is pretty simplistic, but it took me about 3 seconds to make, trying to do this kind of thing on flash would probably take a lifetime, really excited to start some more 3d graphicy stuff.

I don't give you much time to read it here but the type says "Dyslexia 3000" this was going to be the name of a club night I pitched for last year, ended up sticking with Club Shoo but plans are in place to resummon the movement of 'Dylsexia 3000' in another more tangible form...

The learning curve with 3d programs is apparently 2 years long and shaped like a ski jump, or as I like to think of it; Brooke Satchwell's nose.

Hold on a sec, Billy and Anne's first kiss was when he thought Anne was asleep. and kissing someones foot is considered a "friendly kiss"? What kind of immoral, orgy, col-de-sac was Ramsey Street in the late 90s?

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