Monday, 5 October 2009

Cara's Roof

My friend from London/Brighton Cara has moved into a loft space in Bushwick, it has an
amazing roof, i had to take some quick snaps, high ISO: high noise, but I am
anxious to go back with a tripod. It was a full moon and the sky was clear, the
colouration of the night sky is lovely and the artificial lights are warm. I like
thinking about all the people who live in all of those windows with the lights
on, most of them are probably just watching TV. that's a bit depressing. but
some of them are probably having dinner parties, some might be having an arguement
or sex or painting, some might even be on facebook. it makes me think that being a ghost would
not actually be that boring, frustrating perhaps, but not boring.


Cara is in a similar position to me, She's in New York for a short while trying to
do lots of work and make her way, check out her blog, you'll like it
because it's almost a quarter as supurb as she is.

Cara's Blog

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Some Photographs

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