Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Monday, 9 November 2009

BURAKA SOM SISTEMA @ Le Poisson Rouge NYC 5.11.09

One of the best bands in the world, Buraka Som Sistema Played at Le Poisson Rougue on thursday, Brought my Premier and some Kodak Tri-x 400, Anyway check out Buraka if you dun know they are amazing, if you ever get the chance to see them live GO.






Buraka Som Systema, Wegue wegue wegue. 

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Halloween Proper in NYC Proper

The greatest halloween city in the world. in a basement in Bushwick.



Saturday, 7 November 2009

Pre Halloween Parties at Mckibben

This is my side arm, the 'Premier DX, Focus Free', It takes two AA batteries has 2 flash modes and automatically winds on after you take a picture! The best thing about it is it comes with a leatherette case you can attach to your belt so you feel like batman, the white tape was a customisation of my own implemented to aid the closure of the back which tends to pop open,

for information on how you too can customise your 'Premier DX Focus Free' check

I came into possession of this when me and my friend Joe (Check his photo Blog) queued outside of Oxfam Music In Ealing, West London from 6:45 until 8 waiting for their sale to start. they had a number of new objects all going for £1! strictly one object each, first come, first served. We were interested in the little kiddy Yamaha keyboard. We stood there third in line after the old lady and the two arabic gentlemen, we were pretty chuffed to be this far ahead in the queue, after all the people in front of us were probably just after the knitting needles and the calculators right? WRONG the man right in front of us went and got the keyboard with a smile, Joe and I were taken aback, Joe became rather panicked and offered the man £25 for his Keyboard, this would have been an instant profit margin of 2400% or something, but he refused. aparently it was a "Gift" for his "Niece". whatever, Joe and I were pretty convinced it was a "Front" lined with"Cocaine". We angrily bought the two 1980s snap cameras sitting next to the keyboard, back then I had no idea what I would ever use it for.

But now! when attending parties that will likely be overcrowded rowdy, messy and incredible and where i will likely become inebriated; such as the Infamous McKibben Lofts in Bushwick, NYC on the eve before Halloween I sometimes opt to carry my one dollar Premier on my belt as oppose to a weighty Nikon that costs around 900 times more moolahs.

And I am always delighted with the results. (Ilford XP400 film)

(Left to right) Cara, Akin and George. These three live in the McKibben lofts, we were excited to drink and talk and chase balls together before heading across the hall to one of the parties

Arrived to find "Road Side Graves" playing in apartment 507
  One of the best things about Halloween is the way people look when they are acting nonchalant forgetting they are dressed as a woman.
or a bottle of mustard

40 licks

And some portraiture. ..